Putting a face to your vacation rental is important. While we chose to rent through a management company, we are more than just a "name."  We know there are an abundance of cabins to choose from in the great Smoky Mountains, and we want very much for your stay to be memorable and special so you will choose our cabin again! Allow me to introduce ourselves: 

My name is Jennifer, and my husband's name is Timothy. We live in Franklin, NC, a short trek across the parkway, one you should certainly make during leaf season. I am a social worker and coach, and my husband is a law enforcement officer. We are both Christians, and we purchased this home after much prayer. We hope that we will be able to use our piece of paradise as a ministry tool to others, including pastors and members of our community. We want you to relax, rekindle love, and find solace in what can be a very stressful life. We are never guaranteed tomorrow, so it is important to live life to the fullest so you have no regrets. Please make our cabin your home and feel free to send us any comments on ways we can make our get-away the complete package. We thank you for choosing "Fly Away." 

Timothy & Jennifer Lynn - - 828-318-7241